Welcome to Sun Trade-Ins. Since 2011 we provide back services to Resort developers in the vacation ownership industry. Our emphasis is on Customer Service and the integrity of your deal.

Transfer Process

1) Upon your arrival back home, a representative of Sun Trade-Ins will contact you.

2) To start the transfer process we will need a copy of your ownership documents, (i.e. deed, title, ownership certificate or purchase and sales agreement) and in some cases we will send you a Power of Attorney to sign and notarize.

3) Your Sun Trade-Ins representative will assist you in completing the rest of the transfer process.

4) If you do not hear from us for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact us.


With 10 years of experience working with Resorts in Mexico, Caribbean and the US; Sun Trade-Ins is uniquely qualified to handle the after sales service of your new members. With offices in Cancún, Florida and Missouri, the transfer of your member’s trade-in property will be handled with efficiency and courtesy.

Our Resort partners have access to our Website and are able to check the full customer contact history and status of each Trade-In Agreement that you have sent to us.